Death of an Inanimate Friend

In January of 2004, I went to the old Gateway store on Chenal Parkway in Little Rock to purchase my first digital camera. Having no idea what my needs were, and with about as much experience taking pictures as your average 11-year old, I chose the camera that was easiest to conceal and carry.[1]

I bought a Minolta DiMAGE X. Over the last almost 4 years, I’ve taken the camera across 33 states and two foreign countries. It’s responsible for nearly all the 1,624 pictures I’ve uploaded to Flickr.[2] Here is the first batch I ever took.

I knew this day was coming soon. It’s been on its last legs, losing screw after screw to the point where I can physically separate most of the chassis. The last time I took some videos, the screen went wonky, but it was temporary. Today, though, as I was trying to switch to video mode to catch a leaf-and-trash tornado in Ft. Green, the screen went blank and the camera could not be resuscitated.

Goodbye, trusty sidekick.

1.) Apparently this trend has continued over the years, as I’m now seeing digital cameras that are roughly the size and thickness of a credit card.
2.) Not to mention the 6,304 pictures I haven’t.

3 thoughts on “Death of an Inanimate Friend”

  1. Colter…you are so cute to not only say goodbye to a digital camera but to use the word wonky.

  2. You knew you took 6,304 pictures that weren’t posted to flickr? The camera starts at one and labels each picture in sequence I guess.

  3. No, i just clicked on the folder on my laptop that contains all my pictures, right-clicked, selected “Properties,” and got the total from there. Then I subtracted the Flickr total.

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