1,001 Meandering Blog Posts

The unicorn photo down the page represents my 1,000th blog entry. I admit posting photos from my phone is a lazy excuse for a blog entry, but cut me some slack. I’ve been doing this thing since 2003. I’ve been using WordPress so long, I’ve spurred innovation by complaining to Heath about the need for a better archiving solution, which he promptly wrote. Currently 16,718 downloads and counting.

Recently I asked Heath if he could develop a random entry RSS feed, and of course he did that as well[1]. See the third section in the sidebar on your right. So now you have an entirely new way to enjoy this blog by being randomly presented with deep cuts from the vault. At the risk of implicating myself as a narcissist, I have to confess it’s been very enjoyable to read my younger self. Many, many things I’ve forgotten, so coming across something like this entry broke my heart a little – that was 2006?!

So I’ve resolved to get back to writing more here. On the plane to Austin last month I thought of a great excuse to write: perfect songs. Lately as I’ve been meeting lots of new people and making mix CDs for them, I’ve discovered I have a library of songs I often use in mix discs for new friends. I should write about these songs. I might even be able to write about a song a day for a good long time.

Another reason to write more is to step up my game. I’ve been pestering my friend Molly to write more, and lo and behold her blog has not only exploded with delightful material, but a recent entry of hers went so far as to get picked up by Salon.com and Andrew Sullivan! Understand that Andrew Sullivan’s The Dish is my CNN, so when I saw her name on his blog this week, my head exploded into candy. I’ll never write something worthy of The Dish. It’s just not what’s in my bag. Still, it’s inspiring. We’ll see what I make of it.

1.) Heath is the Mark Zuckerberg to my Winklevoss twins.