Things Need Done

Tweaking things still. I had a feed set up from both Tumblr and Flickr, but the Flickr updates come in random bursts that I don’t necessarily want to have fed into the blog. So only the Tumblr feed is still active; all those photos are coming straight from my iPhone.

Check out the latest huge batch of photos from Flickr here; I got up early last Saturday to watch the sun rise and to walk around Manhattan while it’s empty. I walked continuously from about 6 a.m. to noon, and paid the price. My legs still hurt. But I got a lot of great shots. It was kind of a magical day. As you can see in the previous posts, I met a crazy squirrel, found a monkey, took many shots of Washington Square Park (including some experiments where I made various waves in the fountain and shot the results), and even found a lady’s wallet and got it back to her on Sunday.

Also on Sunday I joined my friend Elizabeth in her quest to visit every public pool in New York City. We went to the Red Hook pool. I’ve lived just a few blocks from this place for two years now and have never gotten around to visiting it. I had always assumed it would be a crummy experience, but it was beyond fantastic! I’ll be smacking myself in the forehead for quite some time in shame at never having visited it before. And just around the corner from the pool are the Red Hook food vendors – all Central American food. Salvadoran pupusas are the big draw. Good stuff. My neighborhood is full of surprises.