Must Tard

I have 7 containers of mustard in my fridge. 5 if you don’t count honey mustard. How do these things happen?? I know one of the jars I’ve had since college. Mustard doesn’t go bad as far as I know…it just multiplies.

Photo Blogging

Sometimes I like to use Google toolbar as a quick-jump spellchecker. I typed in “applaud” (something still doesn’t look right about it). The number one site that came up: Satan’s Laundromat. As someone who spends a lot of time optimizing sites for search engines, I’m fascinated by the fact that the entire site does not, as far as I can tell, contain the word “applaud.” “Applauding” is in there, but for a site to be number one….there must be some google gremlins at work.

The site is a fantastic photojournal of New York, mainly Brooklyn and Manhattan. There is some good coverage of the recent spate of spontaneous flash mobs in NYC – random gatherings of people in pre-determined locations, wherein the people mill about aimlessly and confuse passersby. What this says about 21st century urban culture I have no idea. Maybe modern people are just bored, and in a city where people avoid eye contact at all costs, I guess it’s good to see that they don’t mind gathering together for no reason whatsoever with other likeminded strangers.

The author also seems to take the same fascination in odd signs and junk that I do, which is all the more reason for me to go get a digital camera and do a right honorable photolog.


Heath and Mary Beth are getting married! Like many of our nation’s nubile youth, they’re choosing a low-key, quasi-elopement ceremony devoid of the conventional cultural trappings. Like the Odegards, Parsons and Mumfords before them, they’re getting married on their own terms and eschewing the public eye. It’s easier, it’s less stressful, it’s more intimate…marriage as a sociological event continues to morph as the years pass. Who knows where it will lead? The date is set for October. Next in line: Adnan and Kelly.

Jason Lee is Fletch, dammit.

Jason Lee won't play Fletch in Kevin Smith's Fletch Won. Miramax says he's not big enough to open a movie. Bastards. Kevin's list of contenders now includes: Ben Affleck, Brad Pitt, Will Smith, Jimmy Fallon and Adam Sandler. Each name screams "not good enough" to me except Fallon. But Fallon is even more unproven than Lee, so he's the dark horse candidate. Also, Fallon would have to deal with the Chevy Chase shadow since he's got Chevy's old job already at "Weekend Update."

I bought the out-of-print hardcover of Fletch Won on ebay and I've already read the book with Lee in my mind. It would've been a great flick. Kevin has the script done, but Miramax is so adamant about not having Lee that they'll let the rights lapse if Kevin doesn't comply. The gory details can be found at News Askew August archive (August 13 and 14 entries).

By the way, all the Fletch books are back in print in paperback – I highly recommend them if you like comedy-mysteries I've also read Confess, Fletch. Look in your local bookstore or library under Gregory McDonald.

Ni. Ca.

New Photo Album. Drawn mainly from pictures that have been sitting inside various cameras waiting for their rolls to be filled up. Mostly road pictures from July’s Nashville trip and May’s Dallas trip.

Isn’t this a swell picture of Nica? She’s all orange now. It works.

Nica Murpheee

You are the Bouncers, I am the Cooler

Tonight I discovered the joys of Turner Classic Movies. I watched most of “Witness for the Prosecution” (still on a Billy Wilder kick I guess) and it was great. Plus I dug up an interview with Gregory Peck that’s just beautiful. I need to go get “To Kill a Mockingbird” on DVD.

Last weekend I played a dive called Ultrashock in Levy with my friend Thelton’s band Jacobin Club. The band played from 11 p.m. to 4 a.m. I had to drink a tall cup of EZ Mart coffee to stay awake. Luckily I only played two of the four sets, since they just needed someone to fill in on the songs that required the extra guitar. Their main guitarist recently departed, leaving them only with Andy, who is a keyboardist first and a guitarist second. The venue was…downtrodden. I knew I was in for a fun night when I saw that the soundman had a handgun and Pantera CD on his deck. But it wasn’t as bad as, say, Patrick Swayze’s Road House. But then, what venue can ever aspire to that level of skank? I forget if it was Tom Servo or Crow who was so fond of the line “I’m gonna make you my main Saturday night thing,” but it was my Saturday and Friday night thing last weekend.

Free mix CD to the first person who can tell me to what “Jacobin Club” refers AND tell me the name of the titular road house in which Patrick Swayze was employed. Without looking it up on the Net.

Ignore My Errant Facial Hair

Us at the Blue MonkeyThe world needs more pictures of Heather.

Sheesh – where the hell have I been??

Last night I had a blast from the past as one of my oldest friends, Carl Hinrichs, came over to the house. Turns out he’s been living in Little Rock for 3 months on assignment from his company in Tampa, and he leaves tomorrow. Natch. He only recently thought to dig up my website to see if I lived in LR. It was great to see he’s changed very little – not only does he look the same but he’s been buying up GI Joe figures on ebay and is close to a comprehensive collection. Glad to know I’m not the only person that refuses to be a grown-up.

Tuesday I rehearsed with my friend Thelton’s band – I’m going to fill in with them for a couple of sets Friday and Saturday night this weekend. We’re playing from 11-3 or some ungodly approximation of that. I hope I can hack it.

Monday Superflux was audtioning bass players. We tried out this jazz chick named Natalie, who’s a fantastic player. Not to mention cute as twenty buttons. She’s got my vote, although her competition is my friend Jeff…so for me either choice is a win-win deal.

Over the weekend I went to Memphis, starting Thursday night to catch my man Ross Rice. Then Friday and Saturday I went to various music stores and bookstores with Jo. We went to nifty junk shop that was just a catacomb of 20th century artifacts. I also found Xanadu – a store consisting mainly of books and guitars. Two of my favorite things! Later that day I stumbled upon a 99-cent CD sale and went to work buying multiple copies of CDs I already own. Chief among them being World Partys Egyptology. I bought 5 or 6 of those – some with the “Best of” bonus disc. Rock on. At a cool bookstore/coffeshop on Madison I bought a Son of Fletch hardcover, a Steven Soderbergh book, and a Stephen King paperback collection that features the stories that became the major motion pictures Stand By Me, Shawshank Redemption, and Apt Pupil. There’s also a great place called Bookstar that’s basically a Barnes and Noble inside a converted movie theater. And no trip to Memphis would be complete without stopping by Shangri-La at least twice.

Also over the weekend, Roy moved off to Memphis. I hauled some of his stuff with me to Thursday and helped him move in a bit on Friday. There are still a few odds and ends to pick up, but I’m officially roommate-free. So if you know anybody looking for a roommate, let me know. I’m not going to actively search for one, though. I’m going to go solo for awhile. Trey and I are still sorta looking at houses…


A new-old Two-Bit Opinion. I dug up an old column I wrote for the Hendrix paper back in the day. I found it not altogether cringe-inducing and even somewhat informative for today’s times.

And I finally got off my butt and wrote some articles for Little Rock Guitar dot com.