About This Blog

Hi. I’m Colter. I’m from Arkansas but I live in Brooklyn now with my wife and two kids. I work in the web business, play guitar, and I used to do some freelance writing. I also used to do a lot of blogging. About ten years’ worth. I keep it online mainly in case I need to find that thing from that one time. Previously it was located on pointedstick.net/colter but I migrated it here and merged it with what little bits of content the previous incarnation of mccorkindale.com had.

The trouble with having had a website since 1995 is that so much changes along the way. In the days before blogging, I manually coded pages of links, pages of guitar stuff, photo galleries, travelogues, and plain old screeds. Now it’s just the blog.

As time has marched on, humans have found better ways to structure and deliver information. Facebook is just easier and everyone is there. I do miss long-form blogging, but with two kids there’s just no time anymore. Maybe when they’re a little older. My wife and I have a lot we’d love to tell you about parenting. Oh the lessons lost to history because we were too exhausted at the end of the day to pass on the learnings.

I’m also on Instagram and YouTube. And Flickr but mainly as an archive.

For those of you wondering about other McCorkindales, there don’t seem to be many of us. There is a McCorkindale Facebook group you can join. Everybody is on there.

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