Curiouser and Curiouser

As if I hadn’t had enough surreality this week after yesterday’s fearsome link discovery, I found another link delving deeply into the murk of yet another weird world I never knew existed. It started, as these things always do, with an innocent search. Like Alice, I followed a peculiar creature down a very dark hole into another plane of existence. It all began with a Google image search on “remoras.” Fascinated by the apparent irrelevance of the #1 return, I had to click on it. It led me here.

Visiting that site I feel like the speaker in Colerdige’s “Kubla Khan.” Beware.


Next Tuesday brings new releases by two of my most favorite musicians: Tori Amos and Steve Vai. So much for trying to save money. But I should be able to increase my budget, as I will be getting a roommate soon: Matt Ellinger. Most of y’all know Matt as ex-roommate Holly’s ex-boyfriend, and my occasional partner in duo restuarant gigs. So another musician roommate. This will help save much bank, and expedite the remodeling of the garage into a rehearsal space. And most importantly this will allow me to spend my tax refund on…DRUMS.

Karl Rove is Satan’s Concubine

This is from a Sidney Blumenthal article at a couple months back:

According to two eyewitnesses, Rove had shown keen interest in everything he saw, and asked questions, including about costs, obviously thinking about a future Bush library and legacy. “You’re not such a scary guy,” joked his tour guide. “Yes, I am,” Rove replied. Walking away, he muttered deliberately and loudly, “I change Constitutions, I put churches in schools …” Thus he identified himself as more than the ruthless campaign tactician — as the invisible hand of power, pervasive and expansive, designing to alter the fundamental American compact.

This sounds way too…perfect…to be true. It’s the kind of thing I always figured about Rove, yet I can’t imagine he would be so brazen to say these things in public. Must not the Dark Side always remain hidden? It must be getting easier for the Dark Side to walk in the light of day. Certainly Jeff Gannon made it into the White House press corps without much dispute. Fortunately he’s crawled back under his particular rock.

My Radio Was Gone

FM 101.1 The River is no more. KDRE is now some anonymous bland modern rock station. The saddest part about radio is the impersonal departures. You never know when you’re going to wake up one morning and find your favorite station has switched formats. FM 101 was oldies/easy listening, but at least the songs were varied and interesting.

Colter the former shred guitarist now stands with all the old fogies in perplexed disgust at the loss of a great old station taken over by dumb rock, which is more a comment on my disdain for the whiney glossy crap that passes for rock and roll today, than about my age or fondness for oldies.