Ill Communication

I get the weirdest illnesses. Mostly symptomless malaises. Since Wednesday I’ve had a fever, my body temperature has been up and down (I feel hot and kinda sweaty), and I’m tired and slightly headachy. Kinda congested, but not more than usual. I figured it would have cleared up by now. I was hoping to go to Harrison tomorrow, but who knows now. Every morning I wake up sweaty and heavy-tired. I feel hot and cold simultaneously. I think I might be even sicker if I weren’t on so many vitamins and immune-booster meds. I just want to be healthy again! Wah!

Paging Mr. Scurrilously

New Plog entry culled mostly from last weekend.

In addition to being one of my favorite musicians, Paul Gilbert is also my low-fi web design hero. Click around the site – it’s hilarious. He’s getting pretty good at Photoshop. His site is a perfect example of how imagination can be far more important than knowledge.

Today I got an email from a Fecal F. Scurrilously. Spammers are now beginning to use random words as names. This is almost entertaining.

Chinese Numerology

Last weekend a half-dozen people came into town from various parts. My dad came down Friday, my mom on Saturday morning (didn’t even get to see her), and my friends Odie, Juan, and Kevin were all here Saturday. Kevin was in town to take a deposition today; so he stayed at my place over the weekend. Saturday was Amanda Hickman‘s surprise birthday party – it was supposed to be at Benihana, and they checked the reservation twice; however the reservation was for 11:30 but they don’t open on Saturday until 5pm. Bunch of weirdos. At the last minute Brian had to call all 20 or so people to redirect them to Dixie Cafe. Sheesh.

I’ll have pictures soon; I thought that hooking my camera up to the PC would be easy. Sadly that has not been the case.

Cream of Satan

Powdered Non-Dairy Creamer is the Devil.

I’ve only recently come to this rather obvious conclusion. After years of wondering why office coffee was always unsatisfying, I decided to invest in some half and half. The difference is ASTOUNDING! The buttery joys of liquid creamer are myriad, and now my morning coffee will improve my day even more.

While I realize that typing this sort of microscopic irrelevancy into an online journal for others to read would ordinarily be categorized as an example of the narcissism that gives blogging a bad name, I really have to say that this does change my life in a small yet significant way. It’s just another example of how many big fat "DUH’s" a man of my age can still encounter in his daily life. Ignorance continues to run rampant through all our lives, and I am by no means any exception.

Lots of work being done on the site right now – so please let me know if you find any bugs. Check out the fancy new left navigation.

Happy New Year

An Enjoyable TimeNew Year’s Eve at the North Little Rock Wyndham went well. Isn’t this picture sickeningly cute? While we were playing somebody walked up and put a feather tiara thing on Natalie’s head. Superflux had played the same gig last year and just like last year I was sick for the days leading up to the show, but I made a recovery just hours before we started. Poor Cara wasn’t as lucky and took a couple shots to the bum and a variety of meds to pull herself together.

Natalie and I had a great New Year’s Day. We dedicated ourselves to laziness – leaving the house only once to go to her place for her Vino’s beer jug. We made cookies and watched “It’s a Wonderful Life” and a couple of Sports Night episodes. We ordered pizza from Damgoode Pies and had an an enjoyable time. It was a great way to start 2004.