Boo $150 Semi-Disposable Swedish Bedframes!

It’s about 5 inches too short for my mattress. Either I have a freaky mattress or Ikea has unrealistic expectations for mattress lengths. I must now either go buy a new mattress or disassemble my new bedframe. My bedroom only has room for one. I may sleep on the couch tonight. I’m tired. And I have no idea what to do with my box springs. Currently it’s standing on its side with no place to go. Those things are dangerous, by the way.

On the bright side, the entertainment center has been completed. It’s huge and I feel like Bob Vila[1] for putting it all together. The downside is that I want to back it up to the wall and fill it with records and such, but that is a task I only want to perform once. As I have yet to purchase a new TV and receiver, I must now do this soon so that I can bring some closure to the disarray that is my living room.

Oh and my 5-disc CD changer won’t fit anywhere in the entertainment center but alongside the TV where the record player is supposed to go. I guess I’ll have to get a new CD player…dagnabbit. Maybe I can just stack the record player on top of the CD player.

1.) OK Tim Allen.