Corn Dogs Aplenty, or, October Sunburn

I spent the majority of the weekend at The Arkansas State Fair. Saturday I played 4 shows with Superflux throughout the afternoon and evening. The weather was just about as perfect as you could ask for in October: sunny with a slight chill. I did not fully partake of food and rides that day, so I went back on Sunday with DeLaine and we rode ourselves stupid on various gravity-defying contraptions. After paying $9 to strap ourselves together and be dropped from a crane to swing in the breeze, we were done [1]. I actually got sunburned (sunburnt?).

Sunday evening I took Zoe to Allsop Park. I’ve been neglecting the poor girl all week with three band rehearsals and the fair for two days. I could tell she was lonely; when I was loading up my guitars on Saturday, she hopped in the car and wouldn’t get out. She moved into the front seat and back in an effort to evade me. But I wore her down at Allsop with frisbee and baseball. I’m working on getting her to retrieve the baseball after I’ve batted it some long distance, but I think she has a hard time finding it because it blends in with its surroundings [2]. I need to get a ball in some brightly contrasting color.

Oh, and TJ just sent me some ads for the Utah State Fair. Someone had the brilliant idea to get Napoleon Dynamite and Pedro to do the ad campaign. Click on the official site for Real Player versions of the TV spots, or if you prefer Windows Media, click here.

1.) By the way, totally worth it.
2.) Or maybe she was distracted by all the squirrels. Oh how she loathes the squirrels.