10 Years

Something occurred to me as I was driving home from band rehearsal last night: I started the first version of my website in 1995 at Hendrix, and that was TEN YEARS AGO. The first address was hendrix.edu/homes/stu/mccorkindalect. Sadly the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine didn’t go that deeply into the Hendrix website, and the earliest version they have is from November of 1996, well after my friend Amy Qualls had ceded webmaster duties to Courtney Campbell.

The earliest surviving version of my website in the Wayback Machine’s cache doesn’t show up until 1999, after I graduated and relocated the site to the O.U.R. Co-Op in Harrison, and even then it doesn’t store the graphics so it’s not much to look at. Maybe I’ll go dig up a disk backup of the old, old site to show you just how far we’ve come.

In other news, I installed WordPress for my brother Trey over at mccorkindale.com. Hopefully we can use it to keep up with the goings on in our enormous family.

4 thoughts on “10 Years”

  1. *creak!*
    So we’re old now. Does that mean we get to waggle our canes at the upstart whippersnapper kids? I really hope so. 😀

  2. Ho there, missie. We don’t do that fancy Flash with the animatated whizamawhatsits. Back in my day we made our sites in Notepad – the Right Way. Handcrafted code the way God intended! And if we didn’t set our FTP files to binary for images or ASCII for text we were screwed. Screwed I say!

    You kids get outta my code!

  3. Y’know, without Jeremy Piven bellowing “ten years, man,” it really doesn’t seem right. But congrats and all that.

  4. I looked through the Hendrix servers (I’m the current and paid Webmaster at Hendrix now) and can’t find any trace of your old site, though some of the structure is still there. I’ll let you know if I find any pictures of you, though the only ones I’ve found are in the Murphy programs website.

    Just thought I’d check because you never know what sticks around in the dark corners of servers…

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