Win Rock Drops Out

Winthrop Rockefeller has officially dropped out of the 2006 Arkansas Governor’s Race. He has a blood condition that may become leukemia. This saddens me greatly as it probably means I won’t be able to vote for independent Rod Bryan because the only other Republican alternative to Rockefeller is Asa Hutchinson. And I don’t want that guy running the state. Win Rock I trust. Hutchinson I can’t stand.

Doing a Google search on “Asa Hutchinson” brings up at #1 an error page at the Dept. of Homeland Security’s website. I feel really safe when HS can’t keep its website operational…

3 thoughts on “Win Rock Drops Out”

  1. Well, at least Mike Beebe is running for the Dems. All the ‘Publicans at my old office are voting for him — he’s a really good, down to earth guy… this straight from the mouth of Joel DiPippa, who works for him.

  2. I KNOW, just the other day I was washing my clothes and all of a sudden…LEUKEMIA. I mean where does this stuff come from? The yard?

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