I found links to my site in Wikipedia today under “pictures of Dogpatch.” Wikipedia, for those who don’t know, is a free, interactive, online encyclopedia. It stays remarkably up to date, as it notes below:

There are also quite a few pictures of the property, overgrown and decaying, posted on the Internet, suggesting frequent visitation. However, as of June 28, 2005, signs have been posted threatening prosecution of trespassers, and a guard has been seen camping in an RV on the property.

Good to know. I also found a local urban exploration site with more Dogpatch photos, Underground Ozarks.

One thought on “Wikipedia”

  1. I came across your photo journal of Dogpatch USA today. I spent many a summer day there in my youth in the early 1970s, and those photos brought back so many memories. I loved that crazy roller coaster that went up the middle of the tree, then wound around the outside. If you got too close to the dam on the paddleboats, the water pressure would suck you against the dam and you couldn’t get loose. A group of my friends worked there one summer (I was too young); they had a horrible car accident on the way home from work one evening, and my best friend was killed. I don’t think I ever went back to Dogpatch after that. But it was great fun for a little kid from Yellville. We even ice skated at Marble Falls several times before it changed into a roller rink.

    Thanks for the photos and your commentaries.


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