Anatomy of a Spin

This is a perfect example of how the US political system works, and why it’s performing so poorly:

Fact: The popular vote in the 2004 Presidential Election was 59,459,765 for Bush, 55,949,407 for Kerry.
Republican meaning: Bush won the most votes in US history.
Democrat meaning: Bush won by the slimmest margin of any incumbent president in US history.

Each side will interpret raw data in whichever light is most positive to their side. Republicans will tend to deal in absolute truths (the Most Ever), while Democrats will more often choose relative truths (Compared to Previous Margins).

This is just one example out of thousands that are presented to us every day. It’s a variation on the glass is half full versus the glass is half empty. Depending on the situation, each side will choose to focus on whichever interpretation suits them at the time. Had the election been the reverse, each side’s analysis would change.