And Another Thing

I just realized the most troubling aspect of the entry below is that the room fell silent until someone changed the subject. The problem is not Bush’s idiocy, it’s that no one calls him on it. In a room full of yes-men, nobody is going to challenge him. What if the Swedish Army had made a good anchor in the West Bank? What if Bush had made an important decision based on that kind of incompetence? I would imagine he already has many times over, but that’s just me, the liberal critic. What if the only reason we went to Iraq was because Bush thought Saddam was a threat but nobody really questioned him, or at least if they did it wouldn’t alter his resolve?

It’s easy to dismiss the example as “ha ha, Bush is silly,” but he’s basing critical world decisions on his own lack of knowledge and no one is correcting him. I’m more afraid of him than I have ever been.

Also, on this red-letter date in the history of science, November 5th, 1955: Dr. Emmett Brown developed his theory time travel.