Plog, Dog, Dogpatch, and Beard

More ploggy goodness for everyone. I took scenic Byway 7 from Harrison to Russellville and Semi-Scenic Highway 45 to Conway. Much to see and do. Such as Dogpatch. I made a separate Plog entry for Dogpatch. Hopefully more pictures will be forthcoming. I’m going to see if I can get the realtor’s permission to walk around the grounds for photos.

Here’s what I looked like for most of early June:

Redbeard Arrrrr

And here’s uncle Barry’s new puppy:

Aww puppy

When I visited Barry, the puppy (half beagle, half retriever I think) was so tired he could barely make it to the food bowl. After eating, so tired was the pooch that he decided to wet himself where he lay rather than move about. Sadly, much spanking and yipping ensued.