The Joys of a Small Company

At work, I had previously depended upon the neighboring office’s coffee service (utter swill, but not so malevolent as to be undrinkable), so moving to a new place necessitated the purchase of our own coffee maker. I lobbied for better coffee, so they sent me to Sam’s and said get what you want within x budget. So I got an OK coffee maker but I also invested in some Starbucks beans (far be it from me to further extend the global domination of Starbucks, but it was either that or Folgers) and a grinder. It’s amazing the difference good coffee can make in life. Well, better coffee anyways. And I’m not just saying that because I’m amped up on unnecessarily strong coffee (in absence of any measuring devices at the office, I judged by sight, a skill that still requires refinement).

In addition, we have the added bonus of being able to play music in the office without bothering the neighbors. So this morning it’s Starbucks house blend and Victor Wooten’s Alive in America. Life is improving.