Brackish Girth Bramble

Often I get spam emails full of totally random words. I received this today:

“hoff acanthus spouse curvature dishwater shimmy prevention proficient echinoderm seek aruba karate carrara eyebrow deluge ancestry afterimage cameraman scaffold hartman dorchester curl leery forbearance brackish girth bramble

exonerate kick node pig amherst wonder bahama anise despite glove valentine budge bini letterman coastline exculpate codpiece barcelona decrypt segregate”

I should mention that this arrived in the form of an HTML email that my spam detector deactivated into source code. These random words were set to a white font (spam within spam!) so that they weren’t legible. The main text of the email was some “click here” nonsense to some crappy website. I got much more enjoyment out of the utter randomosity of these terms. I have a theory that the future of humor is randomness. Steven Soderbergh’s Schizopolis has a couple of scenes where two characters speak in random words:

Woman: Arsenal. Nose army.
Elmo Oxygen: Nose army. Beef diaper?
Woman: Nomenclature.
Elmo Oxygen: Throbbing dust generation!
Woman: Drum tissue outburst.
Elmo Oxygen: Jigsaw. Uh, fragment chief butter. King surgery mind?
Woman: Bunny bucket.
Elmo Oxygen: Precision galley sponge.
Woman: Smell sign.

It’s really hard to come up with truly random words. The human brain is hardwired to associate. Try coming up with random phrases sometime. Bucket flange.