Dogsitting, Illnesses, Slayer and Cupcakes

The dog whose picture appears in the previous post belongs to my friend Brooke. I spent the weekend dogsitting for her in her loft in DUMBO. For the past week I’ve been sitting at about 75% power due to a cold, so I wasn’t able to go out and do anything for the weekend. I took the dog on some walks around DUMBO and Vinegar Hill and watched movies (The Hurt Locker, Sherlock Holmes, Adventureland again). The weather was so nice I was bummed I couldn’t do more with it, but it’s better than being totally ill. As it is I’m just tired and blurry. No nasal or throat symptoms, thanks to Zicam.

But Friday I sucked it up enough to go see Slayer/Megadeth/Anthrax out on Long Island with Caroline. We had such a great time being complete idiots; we were a two-person mosh pit, pushing each other around, using each other as air guitars, headbanging – it was therapeutic. I had to rent a car[1] just to get us out there after work, and we still missed Anthrax. The best part was after the show everybody is walking out chanting “Slayer! Slayer!” and Caroline and I pass by a cupcake stand (first of all WTF? cupcakes?) so she starts chanting “cupcake! cupcake!” and I join in louder, and we get a bunch of people chanting it, too. Then I bought us cupcakes and we drove home.

It’s probably the best concert experience I’ve had all year.

1.) Thankfully I have a friend who works at Enterprise, so he got me a great deal for an overnight car rental.