Into the Heart of Darkness

You know the world is crazy when Sarah Palin is the voice of reason. The story is still developing as I write this, but it’s less interesting to me whether some whack-job preacher in Florida wants to burn a Koran than it is for me to read the comments on Sarah Palin’s Facebook page agreeing with him. Sarah Palin’s team naturally prunes the crazy from her Facebook comments, so I screenshotted them off and on for an hour or so this afternoon to preserve them.

It’s about a 30/40/20 split between crazy, sane and neutral. You can see them here:

So many fascinating things here:

  • Ordinarily the Internet is anonymous, so the ability to see names and click through to meet those people was freakishly spooky.
  • I’ve always known there are a lot of dumb, angry people out there but I never thought I’d be able to meet so many of them in one day.
  • Interesting to note that approximately 30% of Sarah Palin’s fanbase are bona fide savage morons.

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