Altruistic Scalping

Because I’m a complete pushover, I fell victim to a Carnegie Hall telemarketer a few months ago and signed up for a four-show series of legendary Indian percussionist Zakir Hussain. I made my way to the show this evening, and as I pulled out my ticket, I kind of stood and stared hesitantly at it awhile (after all, I have three more nights of Zakir to see in different combinations, and Wednesday features Edgar Meyer and Bela Fleck). I was quickly noticed by two alert fans looking for tickets. One needed two tickets but the other, an older Indian gentleman, only needed one, so I sold it to him at face value. He thanked me profusely and said he would gladly have paid more. He was so happy, the look of joy and relief on his face was more than payment enough.

I think I may embark on a non-profit career of scalping tickets at face value just to see people overcome with joy.

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