Obama Singlehandedly Saves Print Media

OK maybe it’s not that big, but the New York Times and other major newspapers nationwide are busy ordering additional runs of yesterday’s paper. My friend Margot emailed me this morning to ask me to pick up a copy, so I tried to find out where that could be done. Here is what the line looks like outside the NYT office. The Times is also selling copies online for $14.95, but currently I’m seeing this message:

The website is loading slowly due to high activity.
Please return later to order if the wait is too long.
Don’t worry: We have an abundance of Nov. 5 newspapers!

Score one for traditional media. We’ll miss tangibility when it goes away.

3 thoughts on “Obama Singlehandedly Saves Print Media”

  1. I didn’t think much about buying a paper the day after the election. Now, the day after the day after I’m wishing I would have picked one up. At least a local paper. Then again, it would just be something else for Alex to throw away later. Dunno …

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