Miracles Out of Nowhere

OK I think it’s as official as it’s going to get…

It’s amazing how this town can change the path of your life in under 48 hours. But once again the puzzle pieces have fallen together and the course of my life has laid itself out for me.

Technically it all started three weeks ago in Arkansas when the recruiter who got me my first job called about an interview he wanted to send me on. I hadn’t heard from the guy in a few months, so I figured why not? I had originally intended to drive back to New York to pack up my stuff and move back, but for a potential job, I thought I should fly (which then led to flying out of Kansas City so mom and I could see Tina Turner, another fortuitous alignment of planets). I didn’t make it back in time to even go on the interview, as the position was filled before I arrived. Oh well.

Fast forward another week to last Thursday morning. It began like any other day; I made coffee and watched the previous night’s Daily Show. The phone rang. It was a different recruiter I’d tried over the summer. I thought I had deactivated my resume from their system, so this was another surprise. They had an interview they wanted to send me on, and when would I be available? I said any time, so they said how about 3pm at #3 World Financial Center[1]. AmericanExpress.com

I went to the interview and had a good time. The position sounds like it won’t be as intensive as my last one, it’s an internal team, a 35-40 hour work week, and only a bit less than I was previously making. And I’m mostly taking over some responsibilities from my supervisor, so she’ll always be around for questions and training. It’s a one-year contract, so I’ll have the option to leave at the end if I so desire.

All I’m waiting for are results of the drug test I took on Monday. They say I should start Wednesday of next week.

Life moves pretty fast.

Complicating things somewhat is my roommate’s replacement, who is already on her way from Seattle for a November 1st move-in. Since it’s far easier for me to look for a new place than for her, I’ve been hitting the bricks. I sent out an email to my NY friends and got a call back from Tom, offering a room at his house in New Jersey, so that’s my fallback plan. It would be super-cool to hang with him – he’s a keyboardist extraordinaire, Spiraling rehearses there, and there’s a big vintage piano in the living room. Sadly it’s in Piscataway, meaning I’d need to have my vehicle to get to the NJ train, and then take a monster commute every day to the World Trade Center. It sounds like it would be a lot of work, but might be worthwhile. In the mean time, I’m in search of a Brooklyn residence. I vented my weeklong frustration last night when I wrote this fake ad for Craig’s List.

1.) It’s the one with the pyramid on top.

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  1. I’m a little sad to ehar that you’ll be another year, but I wouldn’t pass up the opportunity either. Crooklyn? I miss your ability to make me laugh!

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