One of These Fabulous Prizes

I’m having trouble picturing any scenario that would result in someone leaving a brand new $130+ Lego Star Wars AT-AT at the curb with their trash.

And yet there it was. Thursday as I was walking home from Prospect Park, I came upon it. Of course I took it home. Some of the bags had been opened and resealed in Ziploc bags. There were two AA batteries out of the necessary 6 installed. It didn’t look like any parts were missing, and after several hours of putting it together, it turns out there weren’t.

I could very easily have been wrong; it’s entirely likely that I would have spent the necessary hours putting it together only to find that it would be incomplete somehow. But that’s life: a gift with no guarantees. New York City is a very one-man’s-trash-is-another’s-treasure town. People leave out books, furniture, appliances and more for others to peruse and take home. This time, though, I’m really tempted to go back and find out why someone would do this. Did they get frustrated really early? Was it an unwanted gift? Was it free?

Not having much room to store toys here, I’m also tempted to return it fully assembled to its previous owner. What do you think?

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  1. Maybe there is a new Netflix-like toy rental service that we don’t know about. Or maybe someone should start one. Hmm …

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