Rainy Days Unenjoyed

I can’t hear the rain in this town. I have neither roof nor trees for it to hit. There could be a torrential downpour outside and I really wouldn’t know it unless I looked out the window. This is a strange, dissatisfying feeling for someone who enjoys a good rainy day.

And stress at work is amplifying. I’m going to get some work done from home on Sunday, so I’m trying to unplug it from my brain today. To do so, I spent some time this morning uploading some of my favorite older pictures to Flickr – pictures from Fayetteville, North Little Rock, Bryant, Harrison, and the Superflux studio sessions[1]. I also finally got around to posting the pictures of Last Chance Records, the place where music goes to die. I tell people to imagine the last scene of Raiders of the Lost Ark, but with records, tapes and CDs.

1.) By the way, the eventual final tracks from those sessions featured the producer, Barry Poynter, on guitar. My tracks didn’t make the cut. Which I’m fine with. It’s Steve and Cara’s thing; my heart wasn’t in it.

One thought on “Rainy Days Unenjoyed”

  1. was that the junk place with the fire code, as in only 4 people at a time? if so, that place is closing… but there are so many junk places around here to keep track of, so maybe it isn’t that one

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