The Internet Isn’t All That Big

Amy IM’d me this evening to tell me about this group she’s been listening to. I checked out their myspace page, and read their amazing bio – two musicians who were fans of each other, met up, and eventually married. What a neat coincidence for them, I thought. Then I scrolled down to their comments section, and the most recent comment was left by none other than my friend Elizabeth!

My other recent coincidence was meeting my new friend Lauren via Flickr. I just happened to add this picture of her to my favorites because I found it on Atticus‘s favorites list. She sent me a message, and it turns out we live in the same neighborhood, work in the same neighborhood, and we both did a semester abroad in London, where we lived on the same street three years apart.

My life is beginning to resemble on episode of Lost. Actually I feel more like Richard Dreyfuss, staring at his mound of mashed potatoes, going, “this means something.”