Today’s Discoveries

Today I found a peculiar enjoyment in walking through a cold drizzle. It reminded me of London, where just getting home after walking all afternoon was a victory and falling exhausted onto my bed was first prize. Here in Brooklyn it’s much the same; although generally I make dinner first and savor the day’s hard-earned shin splints.

I find the best stuff when I’m looking for nothing. Today I found robots. Lots of sculpted robots made of found objects. They live in a couple of junk shops on Atlantic, called City Foundry, if I recall. I was also followed by Jesus. Once on Bergen, then later on Court. It was good to see him. Compared to Arkansas, he’s under-represented here.

At the Salvation Army I had the exquisite pleasure of not only finding a super-rare Earthsuit CD (the previous, Christian incarnation of Mute Math), but also an even rarer Latyrx t-shirt. Both cost only $2 each.