Lazy Sunday

It’s almost 2 p.m. and I’m still in my pajamas. I’ve been watching, copying and screen-grabbing a DVD that my brother made of old home movies. I uploaded several shots to flickr, so check those out.

Yesterday I ventured uptown to eat at Tom’s Restaurant, made famous by Seinfeld and Suzanne Vega. I also walked by the Flatiron building (also known as the Daily Bugle in the Spider-man movies), which I’d never managed to find before. I also spent a lot of time at Norman’s Sound and Vision; they were having a big 50% off sale in the basement. Here are the highlights:

The Old 97’s – Satellite Rides: $1.50
Pearl Jam -Ten: $1.50
Beastie Boys – To the 5 Boroughs: $2
Steely Dan – Two Against Nature: $1.50
Elvis Costello – Spike: $1.50

I’d wager that in the next few years, as CDs die off, this sort of thing will happen more often. Stores will start unloading used CDs at the same prices as used vinyl. $1 to $2. The retail CD stores are already gone; it’s just a matter of time before the secondhand places start disappearing.

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  1. hey colter, remember when you forewarned me long ago about spam on wordpress? You sent me a link/suggested how to squash that but silly me did not listen and now I am plagued with comments on medical research and gobbedlygook. Can you retell me how to solve this? Help a lady!

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