In Review

As I start my week here in New York, I’m taking stock of the fully completed road trip across the US.

Western leg estimated total: 6,000 miles
Eastern leg estimated total: 3,000 miles
Rock chips: 2 (courtesy of Phoenix and rural Wyoming)
Friends visited: 31
Friends made: 5
Traffic violations: None
States visited: 21
Major cities visited: 13
Major cities passed through: 8
Time Zones: 4 and one Daylight Savings Time shift
Couches slept on: 6
Futons/Hide-a-beds: 2
Inflatable beds: 4
Floors: 2
Actual beds: 3 (not counting motels)

This blog entry was actually started back in Harrison, but last Friday my laptop died, so I’m typing this on my new HP laptop. The trials and tribulations of my computer situation will be coming soon.

2 thoughts on “In Review”

  1. Well, I AM impressed AND envious–i still wish I could have gone with you! I guess I taught my children well–take the great adventure! or maybe wanderlust is just in the genes.

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