Sad Realization

Today it occurred to me that I could make a mix CD of my all-time favorite pieces of music and I don’t know anyone who would want to listen to it more than once. I’ve always known that there is no one person who really likes what I like, but the distillation of that fact into the idea that my ultimate mix CD would appeal to no one is pretty depressing.

4 thoughts on “Sad Realization”

  1. um, dude, i always listen to free music, and with the way crappy radio goes, i usually listen to every cd i have a million times…

  2. I guarantee I would listen to it more than one time and at least some of it would appeal to me… and anyone who doesn’t appreciate good & different music doesn’t deserve your ulitimate mix CD anyway!!

  3. I totally agree with Scott…..don’t know him but agree.

    I have always enjoyed any CD you have given me to the fullest and you have turned me on to artists I never would have heard of due to my eternal 80’s mindset.

    I can’t thank you enough for opening my eyes to the talent and geniousity of musicians. Yeah…I just made my own word!

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