I’ve been staying with my friend Heather Cox in Laramie, Wyoming, since late Saturday. Here are some fun facts about Wyoming:

  • It is the least populated state in the nation. Yes, less people than Alaska.
  • The license plates usually have only 5 characters, only one of which is a letter.
  • The high winds in the southern part of the state have been known to blow down 18-wheelers[1].
  • Along Interstate 80 there are numerous snow fences and road-closure barriers, as high winds and heavy snowfall will often close the route during the winter months.

Sunday we went for an easy hike, despite the insanely high winds. We parked some distance from the forest, so we had to walk back to the car across a barren field in what had to be 60mph winds. Had I been wearing a parachute, I would have easily achieved lift. That night we drove down to Ft. Collins, Colorado (about an hour’s drive), to see Old Crow Medicine Show who rock out un-ironically with the old-timey sounds.

Today I did laundry and read books. Semi-rambling blog entry on psychology and music courtesy of This Is Your Brain on Music coming soon.

1.) Or knock over mobile homes; an admittedly easier task.

2 thoughts on “Wyoming”

  1. Wish I’d realized you were going to Ft. C. I’ve actually been there a few times and know the town pretty well (I have a friend that lives there). Cute town.

    I had the same reactions to the snow fences and road-closures barriers. It was a part of life that I just hadn’t thought about before. (We drove from Ft. C. all the way across Wyoming to get to Park City, Utah.)

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