The Onion A.V. Club

If you don’t already visit The Onion A.V. Club on a weekly basis, you really should. I hesitate to write about it because it’s such a given for me (like or, but I wanted to make sure you know about it. It’s really the Entertainment Weekly for thinking people. It’s also a snarky hipster hangout, full of pop culture list-making (17 Dangerous Cinematic Computers, 12 Delightfully Odd Concept Albums).

In a recent blog article, “I Have A Little Guitar,” author and Arkansan Noel Murray said, “the guitar has always been a mysterious instrument to me.” So naturally I emailed him to see if he’d be interested in a free guitar lesson sometime. He said he would, but it may be awhile before he has any free time. He also said it might be good material for another article. Hopefully we can hook up before I leave the state.