Take My Job…Please

My job is an oasis. The primary impediment to me moving anywhere else has always been that I have a great job that I enjoy. More and more people have pointed out to me, though, that I should not let my job dictate the course of my life. There are any number of jobs I could potentially enjoy. So if y’all know anyone who can do good HTML with some CSS, and who is diplomatic enough to communicate with a wide variety of clients, let us know. Epoch Online is a small but thriving company, with a fantastic president and a laid-back atmosphere. Compared to a larger company, I’d say there’s less slacking off, but there’s also less pressure from above. Not to say that we don’t spend time goofing around, but the majority of our days consist of billable hours. Oh and we are a cubicle-free environment. It’s a great place to work.