My Hooverphonic Story

Years ago I worked in a music store in Maumelle. When the store was going out of business, I bought a lot of CDs from them, two of which were “Hot Buttered Soul” by Isaac Hayes and “A New Stereophonic Sound Spectacular” by Hooverphonic.

As I took both discs on a road trip to Texas, I discovered that Hooverphonic’s track “2Wicky” samples its groove from Isaac’s “Walk On By.” What a peculiar coincidence that I bought these two discs at the same time.

That was about 2002 or so. Over the weekend I was talking to my friend Chris, who is tour manager for Isaac Hayes (because his life is far, far weirder than mine). I ripped him an mp3 of “2Wicky” and he played it for Isaac, who had NEVER HEARD IT. He liked it, though. Chris tells me that Ike has very little control over his back catalog, so he likely does not receive any notice or compensation when he is sampled. “2Wicky” was a big hit for Hooverphonic back in 1996. It just seems really strange to me that Isaac Hayes’s music gave Hooverphonic a career and he has no idea.