Breakfast and Other Hoaxes

I’ve recently discovered that breakfast is, in fact, the least important meal of the day. I know this because after a decade of eating cereal every weekday morning, I’ve switched to just wheat toast and orange juice, and I don’t get noticeably hungrier around lunchtime. So all those bowls of cereal really weren’t accomplishing much.

Also, I’ve found that, if you’re the type of guy who showers in the morning and shaves immediately afterward, you really don’t need to use shaving cream. It’s pretty unnecessary if your shower has sufficiently cleansed and moisturized your face, and if the facial hair growth isn’t very extensive after 24 hours. After a few days’ growth, then sure, you’ll want some shaving cream. But not daily.

I’ll be saving some money now with these new bits of information. My milk intake will drop to near zero, so I’ll be sure to get the orange juice with the calcium added.