The Old 97’s in Dallas

Meredith and I went to Dallas last weekend to see her friends The Old 97’s play at the brand new House of Blues that opened this week down there. Here’s a picture of her and her friend Murry, the bass player. He got us tickets and All Access passes so we chilled backstage like rock stars after the show.

We stayed two nights with my friend Allison and Saturday I ran around catching up with Odie and Torrey and going to Ikea where I bought an Expedit shelf. Good times.

Oh, and I bought another guitar. Shhh.

2 thoughts on “The Old 97’s in Dallas”

  1. holy bejeezus, I love them. Especially “Buick City Complex.” By the way, I’ve been listening to your sketches on myspace. You should score films. No joke.

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