Spam Poetry Treasue Trove

For the latest developments in Artificial Creativity (as opposed to Artificial Intelligence), check out this blog, which was an actual blog that moved here some time ago and then apparently had its address snatched up by spammers. It’s packed with all the latest in bot-syntax jibba jabba. I’m so glad I no longer have to hunt through my Junk Mail at the office for gems like “Gosh, one ingenuous horse gift adventurously hurt by means of a tolerant constipation,” especially since we’ve installed a great spam filter at the server level, so I don’t really get much spam at all anymore.

One thought on “Spam Poetry Treasue Trove”

  1. you need to get jess to send you the trailer they did for the spam poetry “documentary”… fantastic! they are planning to finish the movie the summer and I do believe it will be hysterical.

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