Don’t Microwave Lettuce

I got a sandwich from Quizno’s and it seemed strangely cold, as though the toasting process had been completely skipped. So I decided to microwave it for a few seconds just to give it some heat. This was something of a mistake, as lettuce does not respond well to microwaving. It gets limp and chewy. Bleah. I share this with you in hopes that you might avoid my fate.

In other news, I’ve discovered that I may have to re-watch all the movies in my collection, as my new Surround Sound system and widescreen TV make watching movies a completely new experience. I’m seeing new things in the background, seeing more details up close, and hearing more layers of dialogue. I watched Almost Famous last night (technically, Untitled, The Bootleg Cut) and found so much more in the film. My favorite piece of newly discovered dialogue was towards the ends where Jason Lee says “I sound like a dick!” and Mark Kozelek mutters “you are a dick.”

And speaking of the buyer’s market on eBay a couple posts back, I found an original theatrical poster for Kicking and Screaming for just $10.