Free Music – Jamie Myerson

My hero Jamie Myerson (ambient drum n’ bass producer/ singer-songwriter) is giving away several of his albums for free. I’m not sure what prompted this; maybe I’m on to something with this New Economy business. Maybe in the future, musicians will be able to make profit secondary to their personal satisfaction. Recording costs will drop and distribution will become free and easy. Maybe gigs and merch will become the primary income source for musicians.

Anyway, here’s the link to all the free Jamie Myerson music. Here are some highlights:

Sky City – Ambient drum n’ bass/electronica
Merge and JM Jamie Myerson – Songs w/ vocals a la Depeche Mode
Remixes – Check out David Poe’s “Apartment”
Covers – Great acoustic stuff

Jamie is sickeningly talented and everything he does is gorgeous. Not many people can go from being an electronic music producer to singer-songwriter.