Tears for Fears Tour Journal

Curt Smith, one half of Tears for Fears, has been keeping a tour blog. Here are some good thoughts from a man who’s seen everything in the music business:

“If you’re of the opinion that wealth will bring you happiness, dream on. You’re either happy/content by nature (or work) or not – money won’t change that. At the richest I’ve ever been I was the least happiest, consequently I chose to leave TFF and my homeland in search of better things, I’m “grateful” everyday that I found them. I live in Los Angeles, “I see rich people” every day, I can’t say the majority of them are happy. They seem to spend inordinate amounts of time talking about their earnings/position and how much they spend. Most of them are medicated in some way, be it through alcohol or the antidepressant du jour. Not only are they not happy, they’re dull to boot. To sum up – it’s my experience that the same percentage of rich people are happy/unhappy as poor people, status doesn’t change anything.”

One thought on “Tears for Fears Tour Journal”

  1. Good to hear from Curt, and to know he is doing well.
    I certainly appreciate his deep thoughts on what most people are striving for in this lifetime.
    Maybe there is not much difference between the rich and the poor because they are both in constant search of money and or fame/recognition. Rich people however have the choice of continuing the journey of making more money or resting on their laurels and enjoying the moments by moment.
    There is no wealth beyond a man’s needs. (someone famous said this)
    I am contiuing to discover tears for fears music and lyrics and am amazed at their body of work. Their music touches me deeply And I hope to see them someday in concert.
    And every minute of every hour I certainly do love a Sunflower!

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