Random notes:

  1. The dusting of snow we got this morning came with some sunlight. That’s rare. As I was driving down Markham, the snowflakes falling on the golf course were illuminated, giving the effect of glitter falling from the sky. This was a uniquely beautiful meteorological phenomena; I can’t recall seeing anything quite like it.
  2. You know you’re old when you have a slight backache from playing Skee Ball. Meredith and I went to Chuck E. Cheese last night for Valentine’s Day. I played nothing bu Skee Ball. For a time, I was in the zone, with several 100,000 point shots. I then promptly left the zone. And now, to quote Dan from Sportst Night, “I’m down here with the rest of you.”
  3. DeLaine and I leave for NYC today. We’ll be back on Monday night. The reason for the journey is that I told her I’d take her on a trip if she stayed clean a year out of rehab. I gave her a list of cities and she chose NYC. And this was the only weekend she said she’d probably have free this year, with school and work. Given the weather in New York right now, I’m sure we’re going to regret her choice. We probably should have gone to California. Oh well. This should be interesting. Pray for us.

2 thoughts on “Assortment”

  1. Heather and I keep planning to go to Chuck E.’s. So, relax your back a bit and be prepared to go again soon!!

  2. Are plans for a Skee Ball championship in the works? They should be and there should be a trophy. I want a skee ball trophy on my mantle.

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