Mondays Can Really Hang You Up The Most

As if the information in the preceding blog entry was not demoralizing enough, I’ve been informed my car is NOT ready today, and its completion depends upon the delivery of a part from Oklahoma, which has been slowed due to inclement weather.

In other news, would anyone care to guess what this is? I found it in North Central China.

2 thoughts on “Mondays Can Really Hang You Up The Most”

  1. I’m not surprised your part is delayed; roads here are a mess. We drove up to Stillwater yesterday afternoon so I could attend class this morning, and it took quite a bit longer than usual. Twice as long, maybe?

    As for China, it’s hard to tell what that is without the benefit of depth perception. The site appears to be built on a salt flat or dry lakebed, and the square structures might be munitions storage igloos: compare here. Or hazardous waste storage, maybe?

  2. Ehr, uh, I don’t know what that be’s. Something tells me it ain’t a Tibetan Buddhist monastery though.

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