And We’re Back!

I have returned from vacation, and a New York Travelogue is ready. Feast upon it. I had intended to blog throughout the trip but we left the dodgy Russian mafia hotel with good WiFi for the cushier environs of the uptown hotel near Central Park with crappy WiFi.

I feel exhausted and detoxed from the pollution and adrenaline of NYC, but I now have had my spirits lifted and my political soul resurrected by the results of yesterday’s midterm elections. Higher am I lifted with the news that Donald Rumsfeld is stepping down. It’s morning in America again, and the Bush Aminstration is hopefully drinking a warm cup of STFU with their humble pie.

One thought on “And We’re Back!”

  1. So. Glad you are back and that you guys had fun! But, most importantly, I thought you should know that “dodgy” is my favorite word. Yep.

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