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Helpful reminder: you can assess your Arkansas property tax here. And you can renew your Arkansas tags here.

Which reminds me. I’m 30 years old and I still have no idea what an assessment is. As far as I’m aware, it involves me going to the revenue office, saying who I am, and being handed a piece of paper. No money changes hands. I don’t even have to show an ID. But I have to be handed this piece of paper to take to the another desk where they’ll give me a new sticker for my license plate. And while I’m certainly glad that this process has been simplified by the use of the Internet, I still have no idea what I’m doing when I get my property assessed.

And while I’m at it, the concept of a warranty is somewhat mystifying. Basically you sell me a car, and then you sell me a piece of paper saying that if particular parts of it fail, you’ll pay for it, because apparently you’re not confident enough in the quality of your workmanship that you have to have ME pay a little extra JUST IN CASE something goes wrong and YOU have to pay me. And the specificity of the things a warranty covers seems to be getting ever more narrow, such that they approach the level of Steve Martin’s weight guessing prize shelf in The Jerk – “Anything between the ashtrays and the thimble. Anything in this three inches right in here in this area. That includes the Chiclets, but not the erasers.”

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  1. hi hi hi

    sorry i have been so lame of the communication front for so long (yes i know years of lamness abound in my inability to keep in touch) many many mea culpas from me. we are living in providence, ri these day, although i am working in boston, and jess is in graduate school getting an mfa in design. i have no idea when i will be in arkansas-land next but lets get together! hopefully it will be soon, i have not been home in a year.

    cheers and sheep!

  2. You know Colter, since you know someone, me, who works for the Assessment Coordination Department you’d think you’d have asked 😉

    Actually your assessment is the process of valuing your vehicle for taxation, which is basically taking a value from the computer based on your make-model- and year. This is then taken to the next area where you actually pay the tax.

    Interesting tidbit: The values are provided by a company called Primedia, and each quarter I have to run a program on them before sending them out to insure accuracy.

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