Free of Cancer

Ladies and gentlemen, my grandmother Virginia Vorse Todd has been declared free of cancer! She’s 92 and she will NOT be trifled with!

Virginia V. Todd, Cancer Ass-Kicker

When we first heard the diagnosis of a small inoperable cancer development in her upper lung, I thought this was how it was going to end for her. It was grossly unfair, considering how her lungs have always been clean, at least since the 1950’s when she quit smoking. But this will not be the end for her. She made it through the chemo with most of her hair intact, and she still lives on her own, albeit with help from mom. I’m so glad it won’t end the way I had assumed it would. Her warranty isn’t up yet. She’s still got a good 10 years/100,000 miles left in her.

7 thoughts on “Free of Cancer”

  1. yeah!! those grandmas really know how to win

    Is she related to Mary Todd? Abraham Lincoln’s wife? (That’s not an old joke, either)

  2. Krstn – there may be a Lincoln link. My grandmother has several buckets of Lincoln logs as well.

    Are you always “Krstn,” sans vowels? Are you from Kyrgyzstan where vowels are few and far between?

  3. I lost a ‘healthy’ 40-something year old cousin to cancer last month. It’s amazing how the bodysystem works in some people. Your grandmother rocks (and genetics hath smiled greatly upon thee, my son)…that is one of the best stories I’ve heard in a while. Even better is that it’s true. Enjoy her, man.

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