Bird Fort and a New Plog

Finally some new pictures, after a two month dry spell. Among them, a minor adventure I had yesterday in the field in front of the School for the Deaf and Blind. I came up on this bird:


I wasn’t sure if she was wounded or what, because she would not fly away. She just chirped at me and flapped her wings, in a feeble attempt to appear malicious. That’s when I noticed the well-camouflaged eggs right behind her (look close, they’re speckled). I’m not sure why she chose to lay her eggs in the middle of a field; perhaps her nest was destroyed or perhaps she’s just not a smart bird. In any event, I didn’t want any people or dogs to step on the eggs, so I built her a small fort.

4 thoughts on “Bird Fort and a New Plog”

  1. That is a killdeer and they don’t really fly very well but can if pressed. You’re lucky you weren’t flogged, as they are notorious for attacking to protect their nest.

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