This Old House

Whether by age or changes in humidity or both, my bedroom door now no longer stays closed. Either the door has warped or the frame has shifted, or both. I’ve tried bending the door, because it seems as though the lower part of the door fits the jamb while the upper part does not, but to no avail. I’ve also cracked the jamb from repeated slamming in an attempt to keep the door shut. This is especially frustrating for me because I moved my bedroom to the back of the house because the other bedroom has this same problem. I need a bedroom door that stays shut because I have pets who keep different hours than I do. My only alternative is to put something heavy in front of the door to prevent the cats from pushing it open. That’s just irritating. Anybody have any ideas?

Also, Spiraling show this Saturday at Sticky Fingerz. Be there.

4 thoughts on “This Old House”

  1. As someone who also has pets, Robin and I had to improvise many times in often vain efforts to keep the cats out at all hours.

    Your only real options are to shim or plane the doors down. In your case, shimming seems the most likely.

  2. Chain lock would allow the door to open slightly, through which the kitties would likely paw and mew.

    Maybe there’s a way to slide the socket of the lock forward so that the lip catches it…

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