Random Things and The Grandiloquent Dictionary

The Grandiloquent Dictionary is a magical place to explore and to improve your vocabulary of obscure words. So far my favorite is quasihemidemisemiquaver – according to British musical notation, a 128th note. I should buy quasihemidemisemiquaver.com and start a guitar site for people who like to play really fast.

In other news, I noticed that the Encore movie channel has either purposefully or accidentally added older movies to their channels that have the same titles as recent movies. Twice it has happened that I have clicked on the title (AND description) of a recent movie only to find a completely different film by the same name: Jersey Girl and The Aviator. The former being a 1992 Jami Gertz/Dylan McDermott vehicle, and the latter being a 1985 Christopher Reeve/Rosanna Arquette picture. In both cases the description listed the more popular Kevin Smith and Martin Scorsese films. I’m just waiting for them to add Kicking & Screaming, because they’ll most likely not play the more recent Will Ferrell film, and I’ll get to see one of my favorite movies of all time on TV.

Last night I got my car stuck in the mud….of my driveway. It was dark, and I moved a road cone blocking my drive, assuming that it was absentmindedly left there when in fact it was put there for a very specific reason, namely the gaping, muddy hole where the skirt of my driveway once was. It was a reasonably level pit, a perfect fit for my vehicle, which was unable to jump up onto the remaining driveway, or move back up the muddy slope to the road. Fortunately for me a couple guys were still out working, paving my neighbors new driveway, and they gave me a short tow with the arm of their backhoe. I parked in the backyard. They said they should have a new driveway for me by tonight; I’ll be curious to see how that works out.