The Post-Yuletide Tumbleweed?

I found this in my yard today:

Let’s do a little scientific inquiry here. Here are all the possible explanations:

I. It was put here by man.
 A. Deliberately
  1. Dumped. Unlikely as there are far better places to dump a Christmas tree.
  2. Left as a form of communication. But what? Have I offended someone?
 B. Accidentally. This is unlikely as I have not only a fence but also a virtual moat around my yard made from road work.

II. It was put here by nature.
 A. The weather today has been exceedingly windy. Perhaps it blew in from elsewhere. Unlikely, see IB.
 B. It was teleported via wormhole or some other bending of the space/time continuum.

III. It was put here by an unknown force.

I’ll leave it to you to decide for yourselves.