My Christmas Vacation

I went to Harrison for dinner and gift exchange on Friday because the siblings’ in-laws have dibs on their children for Christmas gatherings. I got mostly kitchenware because that’s what I didn’t feel like buying myself. I have officially entered the adult world wherein there is nothing I want for Christmas that I can’t get myself. So now I ask for things I don’t want to pay for, i.e. utility items. This would not have been so bad if my grandmother hadn’t been making jokes that I was having a bridal shower. And of course my insufferable niece asks me again when I’m going to get married. We really need to do something about her; she’s becoming a Mean Girl. I blame Bratz.

I used the weekend mainly to catch up with friends and family. Elizabeth was in from California, Lance and Kevin from Missouri, plus locals Robin and Josh (sorry about the brevity of the visit, guys – I was going to call again Sunday but I went back to LR because I forgot Zoe’s meds) and I talked to Nica and Becky for a bit via phone. That’s about it really. Sunday night was spent at Heather’s watching the first season of Gilmore Girls, drinking wine, and munching on cheese and venison sausage.

Monday I spent my gift cards. I got Robert Altman’s Short Cuts on DVD and picked up the actual CD of Death Cab’s Transatlanticism, plus some Snow Patrol. I caught up with Tara, in from Austin, and she gave me bourbon chocolates and a wide assortment of other sugary things. Kathy came over and we watched It’s a Wonderful Life, which, GASP, she had never seen. Neither has Tara, it turns out. How could you people have missed it?

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  1. We have rectified the situation mentioned in the second to last sentence…..if you could please make a note of this in your next posting please.


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