Dallas Trip, Wedding Pictures

Finally I have some pictures up from Trey’s wedding a week ago. The delay was caused by the migration to the new laptop, where I still don’t have a copy of Photoshop installed. Anybody have an old copy they can send me?

I also took several pictures during last weekend’s trip to Dallas, but I’ll put those up later so that I don’t have one massive page full of pictures. Famine or feast with pictures from me, it seems. Heather, Allison, and I flew to Dallas to hang out with the other Allison and her husband Rodney, as well as Odie and Torrey (although we missed our chance to see Torrey due to scheduling conflicts). Mostly we shopped and ate ourselves silly. The obligatory visit to Half Price Books was done, as well as the Virgin Megastore in Grapevine where I bought way too much stuff (a De La Soul live CD, Nellie McKay special edition, Fiona Apple special edition, the new Lemon Jelly, a DJ Shadow single, and a documentary on the Moog synthesizer). I’m tired.

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  1. Having been both cheap and moral (are those compatible?) in the software department, I haven’t had a copy of Photoshop in years. In the interim, I have been using GIMP on Linux, Mac, and Windows with increasing success. It is very similiar to Photoshop in most regards and everybit as powerul. Best of all, its free. You can check out the Windows port at http://www.wingimp.org/. $.02

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